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Manga updates

April 2015 Koori no mamono no monogatari Currently volume 19, very very angsty, very very tender update june 2015 Currently 21st volume. After a lot of angst finally some good news for Ishuca. Silver Diamond Somewhere in the 22th volume, in the very mid of a cliffhunger…

News Chi’s sweet home serie will end with the next 12th volume


…Actually Light Novels

Japanese Light Novels


Juuni Kouki series I’m currently following the Youko arc even if I’m uncertain wheter read “Sea of Wind, Shore of Labyrinth”,  that is the following in the Youko arc or “Tonan no tsubasa” that’s a standalone novel, as next volume. I’ve still to decide

Kyou Kara Maou (Maruma serie ◯マ)
Already read
Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Currently Reading
Volume 6
Ready to read
Volume 7
Volume 8 (some chapters)
I know I know, they all have proper titles but for now let them be like this, just numbered…

Marimite (Maria-sama ga miteru)
Volume 1
Light-hearthed school life , yurish light novel. A quite relaxing reading.

On hold until further volumes
Utsuro no hako to zeroth no maria
Already read the whole five volumes already published and translated. Very interesting time-cycling, game based, self-discovery novel. Well written (and of course well translated), even if in the last volumes the main characters are becoming slightly…mad or fixated with eachother…

Chinese Light Novels


The legend of the Sun Knight
Already read the volume from 1 to 5
Currently reading Volume 6 (also re-reading some parts of the 5th)
Very very funny and intriguing story. More deep that it seems by the first two volumes.

True Star
Some chapters (I thing about half of the first volume???)

Kill No more
From the author of the Legend of the Sun Knight

Ready to read

The key of Sunken moon

No hero (same author of Legend of the Sun Knight)


Currently reading

Miles above all

Koori no mamono no monogatari – Both in japanese (very slow…) and in english

Silver Diamond – Finally some hints about how the whole SD world works

And also …

Wild Adapter I don’t like the art I don’t get the characters…I’m at chapter 12 and I’m still wondering exactly WHY I started this serie…

Hakkenden (The eight dogs of the west)- Why the heck I have to hate the main characters of every manga I read!(Only two or a little few more exceptions). Shino please be different!

Makai ouji (Devil and realist) stuck at volume 6 due to local editor delays. Grrr…

Alice Gakuen (Alice Academy) stuck too volume 2…

Pandora Hearths temporarly suspended. I’ll re-begin it when it’ll be finished

Blood Lad I’m seriously considering to pass

March Story When the new (and last?) volume will be relased

Sket Dance Up until the fifteenth volume…?

Hikaru no go



Currently Watching

Yami No Matsuei – Descendant of Darkness Complete!

Makai Ouji – Devil and Realist Complete! Hoping for a second season

Hakkenden I – The Eight Dogs of the West – Complete!

Hakkenden II – The Eight Dogs of the West – Complete
Quite useless some of those dogs , nè? But maybe we need a new season?

K- Project

Shounen Omnyiouji – Maybe…  Ok I’ve started it, for the Xth time. I’ve the feeling that if I manage to go beyond the first episode I’ll be able to watch the whole serie. By  the way Guren is Touda ( so it does exists outside YnM). Finally in the sixth episode some more characters. Precisely some of the 12 Shinshou (12 Heavenly Generals).I’ve serched some information about them just to discover that this had to be an alternate version. The few shown in SO: Touda, Seiryuu and Tenitsu aren’t listed in the group of this Shinshou.

Kyou kara Maou – Precisely: the whole serie becouse I’ve already whatched it up till 30th episode. More or less.

Noragami – suggested – Some minor issues with the file format (the hell these issue are little !)